Superbright is a creative technology studio that makes AR, VR, and Physical Computing experiences thought-provoking as they are practical. Our studio in Bushwick also provides an interdisciplinary hacker-space in which artists and developers combine product development, commissioned client work, and ongoing residencies to form a holistic perspective on these nascent tools and their future application. Thus, our brand work leverages the sophistication of the artistic dialog, telling industry stories not only through a new experiential dimension but also through a critical social lens.

Killing Reagan

KILLING REAGAN is a first of its kind augmented reality investigation into the assassination attempt of President Reagan. The app launched in conjunction with National Geographic’s global television movie event, KILLING REAGAN, starring Tim Matheson and Cynthia Nixon.

Augmented Reality Catwalk for Fashion Week

Superbright implemented a first-of-its kind augmented reality fashion show for xAd, a location based marketing company. The installation revolved around real fashion models on a custom designed runway, using augmented reality technology to create a completely virtual environment on stage. At the end of the show we connected a crowd of over 200 people to xAd’s technology and Lindsay Freimond's fashion collection through a completely unique experience.

Reality Plane

A haptic tablet using Hololens, Vuforia and BLE bridging the gap between the virtual and reality, allowing new interactions with a familiar interface. Reality plane was built at the AR/VR Hackathon at MIT Media Lab.


Primitives is a cloud-based content management and distribution platform that enables artists who are working in the medium of 3D to easily manage, host, and license their work for immersive computing platforms. The goal of Primitives is to simplify the way that 3D artworks can scale across augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, by providing a direct and non-technical channel for distributing artworks into immersive computing apps and experiences.

Superbright World Builder

World Builder is an in-person browser built by Superbright that enables quick design, rapid prototyping, and distribution of VR scenes through multiple platforms. The goal of World Builder is to decrease the learning curve and to easily build, research and deploy full 3D VR scenes. Similar to Tilt Brush, but designed for true 3D content, users can load, position, scale and rotate any 3D object and create VR scenes for distribution. The scenes then can be saved and used in larger projects or deployed for others to see.

Interactive Healing

Superbright was comissioned by Madwell to ideate and build an interactive exhibit design for the Wild Medicine Exhibit at Botanical Gardens in Bronx. The Wild Medicine app uses augmented reality (AR) to allow users to engage with animated 3-D models showing where—and how—these plants affect the human body.

Disney Marathon Step Up

Superbright was comissioned to create an interative game by Momentum WW for the Disney World Marathon sponsored by Cigna. A custom step up racing game which tracks live game analytics was designed, fabricated and installed in three cities around the country'

Lacoste Interactive Storefront Window

Interactive kinetic sculpture for Lacoste's 80th Anniversary store front window.

Rise Nation

Superbright was commissioned by Black Egg in West Hollywood to design electronics and video mapping system for a permanent installation to add to their workout experience.

SXSW Teleporter

Visitors are pulled through a metaphorical vortex and spit out at their destination selected via touchscreen from locations in and around Austin and the SXSW festival. Full-scale imagery projected onto a vertical semi-sphere covers the visitor’s peripheral vision, creating an immersive experience. Teleporter was presented in partnership with Relevant at the AT&T Lounge at South by Southwest Festival.