Superbright is an award-winning creative technology studio. We bring a holistic approach to engaging with nascent technologies. From AR and VR to Physical Computing, we create experiences that are thought provoking yet practical, promoting experimentation with a critical social lens.


TRAVERSE is a platform for spatial audio experiences that makes listening physical. Pairing mobile and listening devices enhanced with augmented reality (AR) technology, Traverse enables listeners to move through sound. Be on stage, walk up to the members of the band, or explore another world's landscape—from wherever you are.

The Day the World Changed: Tribeca Film Festival Virtual Arcade 2018

In partnership with Nobel Media and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, The Day the World Changed brings to viewers the harrowing impressions of the victims and survivors of atomic bombings and nuclear arms testing through first-hand testimonies, data visualizations, and innovative use of 3-D scanning and photogrammetry.

ZIKR A Sufi Revival: Sundance New Frontiers 2018

ZIKR: A SUFI REVIVAL is an interactive social VR experience that uses song and dance to transport four participants into ecstatic Sufi rituals. It also explores the motivations behind followers of this mystical Islamic tradition, still observed by millions around the world. It premiered at Sundance New Frontier in January 2018.

Museum of Sex: Celestial Bodies, The Couples VR Experience

Our room-scale VR experience is now available to the public. The piece is equal parts immersive theatre and multi-user VR, allowing six people in a VR scene at once to move freely in a 40 sq ft space. The project is a collaboration with DJ artist Diplo, and is adopted from the artist’s music video for his song ‘Set It Off’. Buy your tickets at Pro-tip: bring a date, not your mom ;)

NY Fashion Week: Augmented Reality Catwalk Experience

Superbright implemented a first-of-its kind augmented reality fashion show for xAd, a location based marketing company. The installation revolved around real fashion models on a custom designed runway, using augmented reality technology to create a completely virtual environment on stage. At the end of the show we connected a crowd of over 200 people to xAd’s technology and Lindsay Freimond's fashion collection through a completely unique experience.

Macallan 12 Whiskey: ARKit App

Superbright built an ARKit mobile application to give fans a new perspective on their favorite whiskey.

Sarah Meyohas and Red Bull Arts: Cloud of Petals VR

CLOUD OF PETALS VR is a collaboration with artist Sarah Meyohas. The piece consists of six virtual reality vignettes built for Oculus, that contribute to Meyohas’ first large-scale exhibition, Cloud of Petals. Cloud of Petals will be on exhibit for the public at Red Bull Arts New York from October 12th until December 10th.

Conde Nast & Facebook Presents: Virtually Dating

Virtually Dating is a blind date experience in virtually reality, developed as a web-series by Conde Nast for Facebook. It has 16mm views - make it 16mm and one.

I AM ROBOT: A Social VR Experience

I AM ROBOT is a unique virtual hangout / epic dance party. It's premiere was at SIGGRAPH 2017, and was conceived by VR Director DAFFY LONDON.

Reverie VR Artist Residency

Superbright is pleased to announce the launch of our artist-in-residence program for REVERIE, an in-person VR browser that enables quick design, rapid prototyping, and distribution of VR scenes through multiple hardware and software platforms. The week-long residency will bring together an international group of artists who are experts in the fields of 3D, net art, and digital mediums, to create new works for VR.

National Geographic: Killing Reagan AR Mobile App

KILLING REAGAN is a first of its kind augmented reality investigation into the assassination attempt of President Reagan. The app launched in conjunction with National Geographic’s global television movie event, KILLING REAGAN, starring Tim Matheson and Cynthia Nixon.

NY Botanical Gardens: Interactive Healing AR Installation

Superbright was commissioned by Madwell to ideate and build an interactive exhibit design for the Wild Medicine Exhibit at Botanical Gardens in Bronx. The Wild Medicine app uses augmented reality (AR) to allow users to engage with animated 3-D models showing where—and how—these plants affect the human body.